4-minute difference
(7:40am, 7:44am)

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It’s so beautiful to kiss someone who actually means a lot to you.

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Be with someone who you don’t have to hide from, in any way. Whether it’s your morning face before you’ve put your make up on, an embarrassing story to tell about something that happened on your way home, or an ambition you’ve had since you were six… make sure you end up with someone who knows all of it and still loves you. A person you can tell your whole life to is a person worth spending a life with.

if she mentions it more than once,
it’s bothering her.

Bus ride from Haleiwa to Waimea Bay.

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Never take a chance with a tattoo artist whose arms are bare. Never put your money on a fighter without any scars. But most importantly, never trust someone who only knows how to tell you they love you with their lips.




can ur child serve like this

oh my fucking god


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